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News Release: 12/18/2020

For Immediate Release
December 18, 2020
Hutchinson Chamber Foundation
Hutchinson Chamber Foundation released the book “Goodnight Hutchinson” on Saturday, December 12, 2020.
The book is a take from the famous “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown, and has Goodnight (location) versions around the world.  
“Goodnight Hutchinson” is a full color, hard cover book written by Chamber President Mary Hodson, who also produced the artwork. Hodson volunteered her time for the book and sought sponsors to help pay for the printing.
The sponsorships and donations for the book will go directly to the Chamber Foundation, to support and pay for business education for adults and youth. “I’m not taking or getting anything from the book, other than a lot of joy and smiles,” Hodson said when asked about her portion of the revenue. “This isn’t about me. Although I am very proud of the book, this is about Hutchinson, what it has given to my family and blessed us over the past nineteen years. We (at the Chamber) have many visitors and residents of Hutchinson come in and ask for Hutchinson keepsakes, this was the perfect solution on many levels.”
The book idea came from a chamber friend of Hodson’s in Arkansas who did something similar for her community and chamber.
The Chamber Foundation was started to be able to accept grants and donations to support business education in the Hutchinson area.
Books can be ordered online for pick-up or shipping is available. Walk-ins and phone calls are welcome also. The book is available with a minimum $15 donation.
To contact the chamber you may call 320-587-5252, email, or stop in at 2 Main Street South, the corner of Main Street and Washington Ave.