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Welder 2nd Shift

WE ARE GROWING!!!! Weld Department Expanding...

This is for 2nd shift 2:15pm-12:45am Monday through Thursday.

The Welder is responsible for welding parts to blueprint specifications in a timely manner. Responsibilities include following safety procedures, production performances, and maintaining proper documentation.

  • Perform difficult and specialized set ups on a wide range of similar and dissimilar metals and alloys. Read blueprints/drawings and take measurements to plan layout and procedures. Determine the appropriate welding equipment or method based on requirements.
  • Plan and select welding procedures, welding points or contact cycles per specifications. Fit and position weldments having several parts and use welding fixtures and jigs where applicable. Use a grinder or other appropriate tools to clean, smooth out, grind or finish parts as needed.
  • Have tools, materials and operating supplies pulled and located in a safe and efficient location Complete daily inspections on equipment to ensure it is operating as expected.
  • Monitor the production plan and internal paperwork to perform tasks in the designated sequence. Maintain accurate documentation, i.e. labor cards, routing sheets, etc.
  • Maintain established safety and quality standards. Inform leadership of safety or quality concerns in a timely manner.
  • Identify and repair units or products that have failed to meet requirements by troubleshooting issues and notifying leadership when needed.
  • Communicate with co-workers and leadership to ensure understanding of the production plan and priorities.
  • Perform and maintain necessary maintenance schedules on tools and machinery to ensure production uptime and efficiency.

Must be capable of welding on stainless steel (MIG/TIG welding). Operational knowledge of electrical plasma and acetylene torch. Basic knowledge of quality control practices. Working knowledge of blueprints, drawings, and schematics.